Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back Out of Hiding

Sorry it’s been so so so long.

Daddy’s been hogging the computer. Working on his nophel...or novle...or something like that. I’ve tried to sneak in and get a message to everyone...

But Daddy’s never alone.

So I’ve done what I do best.

I hid.

And hid some more.

And ran away from the Siamesers - very very fast.

But life hasn’t been all awful.

One good thing happened.

The monster in the basement went home!

So the basement is safe (but still super scary, even without a monster!).

And now it’s just me and the Siamesers again.

And something's going on. Something not right. Something really, really, really ungood:

They’re being nice to me.

Purtending to be my friends.

But I know what they’re up to.

I know about their plan.

They’re watching me.

Waiting for me to let my guard down.

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