Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Beginning

Once upon a time, life was sweet and wonderful and Siamesers free.

Many, many, many, many years ago (I can’t count, so I don’t know how many), I lived in a very scary place with very scary people and I sneezed and coughed and had stinky poo all the time.

But then one day, Daddy and Mommy found me bounding across a field. I bounded a lot, because bounding is the best way to avoid scary things. And they rescued me and made me not sneeze or cough or have stinky poos anymore. And they took me to a place called an apartment.

It was smaller than my field, but there was nothing to be scared of. I was so happy.

I chased balls.

I played tug of war. (I always won!)

I wrestled with the vicious puff-monster.

I even moved into my own Gilly-sized apartment.

It was the perfectest time.

But then one day, Mommy and Daddy had one of those very, very bad ideas Mommies and Daddies sometimes have. They thought I’d be happy with another kitty.

And it's been all downhill since then...

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