Friday, January 28, 2011

The Monster in the Basement - Part IV

The monster crept up the stairs.

The door creaked. The monsterous footsteps thump, thump, thumped down the hall.

It let out a long, slow monster growl. Then it rounded the corner with the evilest glint in its monstery green eyes.

And I hid.

The monster crept across the living room.

Stalking its prey.

I tried to warn her. I cried, “Mew.”

But I was too scared. All that came out was, "M-"

And it was too late.

Thursday was cornered.

She ran.

The monster lunged.

She leapt for the couch.

I closed my eyes!

There was hissing and snarling and bullying and monstering.

I had to peek.

And then...

And then the worst thing ever in a million killion kitty years happened.

Even worster than that.

The worstest.

The monster...




I can’t even say it.

They made friends!

Another cat!

I'm going to keep hiding. Maybe forever.


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