Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Monster in the Basement - Part II

I’m a very brave cat.

I’m a fierce hunter.

I captured the evilest, giantest mouse ever!

No monster can stop me!

I’m the bravest cat in the world.

The bravest cat in any world.

The bravest

That’s not true.

I’m scared.

Very, very scared.

Even scareder than when I got the itchies and Dad had to wash me.

What if the monster breaks out of the cellar? What if it tries to eat me up? What if it finishes me off and then goes after Siamesers—

Wait, that would okay...

(even scaredy cats can be evil sometimes)

But if the monster goes after Mom and Dad

I can’t let that happen. No one eats my dad!

I’m going down there.

Hopefully this won't be my last post...

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