Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Thursday

Once upon a time, Thursday was a super cute little kitten. So tiny and special and precious and perfect.

And she could squeeze under anything.

And she brought joy and happiness and perfectness to everyone who came near her. She was the bestestest kitten in the whole wide entire world.

And then she started to grow up and she was bestest buds with everyone. Especially her uncle Buddy.

They couldn’t get enough of each other, because Thursday is the sweetest and most wonderfullest kitty ever.

Sometimes she still talks about Uncle Budward. She says he was bester than any kitty—

But I think I’m winning her over. She’s the bestestest big sister a kitty could ever ask for.


Don’t believe anything you’ve just read.

It’s lies.

Lots and lots of badder than baddest lies.

The worstest of lies.

My blog has been Pippernapped—

Or Pipkin blognapped it—


Pip stole my blog!

I don’t love Thursday. She's not the bestest kitty ever. Really, truly, mostly definitely it wasn’t me!!!!!

It was him!

No I have to fix everything. Undue everything he's done!

This is exhausting! I'm going to take another nap.

But this time I'm locking my computer.

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