Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Monster in the Basement - Part III

It was awful!!!

I had to save Mom and Dad, so I opened the door and crept down the basement stairs.

I rounded the creepy curve.

Down the rickety steps...

Into the deep, dark domain of the monster.

And then, in the distance, I saw it. Waiting for its next victim.

I screamed.

It lunged.

I tried to run, but it moved so fast.

Like a blur.

I used the litter.

Then I got my first good look at the monster.

It was the terriblest, most horriblest beast in the world.

(I want to hide just thinking about it.)

I shouldn’t show you.

You don’t want to see.

It’s too awful. So awfully awful!

Even worse than I imagined.

But I have to.

You have to know. You have to be ready.

It looked like:

I ran for my life!

Up the stairs and around the corner.

I could hear it breathing, howling, snarling right behind me.

I barely got away.

I slammed the door shut just in time.

I’m safe.

For now. But the monster is still down there. And someone is going to have to stop it.

Please help!

It’s getting stronger.

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